City distribution center open to public

June 27
16 years

Discover the future of logistics during the Seaport Days! Put Thursday afternoon, June 27, in your calendar and come to CTPark Amsterdam City, the innovative XXL last mile logistics city hub in the heart of the Port of Amsterdam. This is your chance to look behind the scenes at one of the city's largest and most pioneering buildings.

Smart technology
CTPark Amsterdam City is not just another building; it is a vibrant center of innovation where people work every day to create a greener future. With smart technologies and sustainable solutions, they are making a real impact. And during the Seaport Days, you get the unique opportunity to experience this up close!

Free seats for the park tour are limited; there is room for 25 people per group. So book your ticket quickly. You don't want to miss this - a peek into the future of logistics, right in the middle of Amsterdam! The tour takes on average one hour.

HTJ Portiersloge, Ankerweg 18, 1041 AT Amsterdam

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