The Copper Plough

June 22-25, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
12 years

Come to De Koperen Ploeg and let them inform you about the smooth and safe mooring, unmooring and shifting of sea-going vessels at the berths or mooring constructions. They have been doing this since 1926. First behind Central Station. Now in Westpoort.

The Copper Plough is part of The Terminal. In and around this port experience are various port-related activities, including periodic free tours and short cruises with De Koperen Ploeg based on availability. Employees of the company first give a short presentation about the Cooperative. Then visitors may board one of the vlets in small groups. Sailing is also among the possibilities.

No matter where in the world a ship moors, the port always requires a connection to shore. It is impractical for the crew to moor and unmoor the ship themselves at the quay or on the buoys. One knows the ship but not the local conditions. This is why boatmen, also known as "vletterlieden," have been around the world since time immemorial. In Amsterdam, these men are united in De Koperen Ploeg.

The arrival of the North Sea Canal in 1876 marked the beginning of the flotilla movement in the IJmond region. At that time, four fleets were active in the region: the Visploeg (fishermen's crew), the Gouden Ploeg (golden crew) (who mainly worked for the steamship company Nederland and were well remunerated), the Vriesploeg (who worked for the KNSM) and the Koperen Ploeg (who got the smaller jobs in Amsterdam).

Capriweg 30 Amsterdam
Free parking on the parking lot of VCK Waterland Terminal Elbaweg 10 Amsterdam
Life jackets are mandatory and present when sailing.

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