Port Experience The Terminal

June 22-25, 2023
All ages

A host of port and port-related companies and professions can be found this year at Havenexperience De Terminal. Concentrated next to Port of Amsterdam's Nautical Coordination Center and ship fitters De Koperen Ploeg in the Westhaven.

Are you looking for a job, want a tour on a ship or sail on one of the patrol ships of Port of Amsterdam, Customs, Police or a vlet of De Koperen Ploeg. This is the place to be!

Boating and things to do
In and around The Terminal you can do and see all kinds of things. Port of Amsterdam periodically gives tours for small groups in the NCC. You can test your sailing skills around the water tank with remote-controlled boats, descend into a diving tank in the water, sail with a simulator or escape from the escape room sailboat moored at the quay.

Demonstrations and workshops
Zeehavendagen Amsterdam organizes regular demonstrations and workshops during four days in which the public can participate. The program includes demos sniffer dogs and smuggling container from Customs.

Technical, logistics and maritime education and employers
Amidst the fascinating port life, you will also find a number of representatives of technical, logistical and maritime training programs in the Port Experience, so that high school students, lateral entrants and students can get their bearings. There are also several employers present who will be happy to tell you more about professions in the port!

The Terminal is accessible daily by water and road. If you choose transportation by water take the Westhaven Shuttle. The boarding point is at the radarweg, where the Chocolatemakers, Rederij Spliethoff and the Zeemanshuis are located (10 minute walk from Sloterdijk station) This water cab will take you from Spliethoff to The Terminal (v.v.) in about half an hour. The location is also easily accessible by car and bicycle. Tickets for the shuttle can be booked on this website.

Harbour Experience The Terminal
Capriweg 34 Amsterdam

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