Entry of De Ruyter with sea tug Holland

June 24, 9:30-11:30 a.m.
12 years

Sail and watch on the sea tug Holland during the entry of the naval frigate Zr.Ms.De Ruyter. Holland(s) glory in optima forma! Every tour on this 1951 ship is an experience in itself.

The "Holland" has about 200 spectacular rescues to her credit. For a while it seemed that this unique - more than 57 meters long - ship would be lost. But the foundation behind the sea tug managed to generate enough funds to keep the Holland afloat. Visitors to Amsterdam Seaport Days are in for a treat.

Atmospheric saloons
Seagoing tugboat Holland is unique in several ways. And because she served with Rederij Doeksen as a ferry to Terschelling v.v. (still the home port), your mouth falls open when visiting the saloons of the ship. And then the technology. Downstairs in the engine room, a Werkspoor diesel engine is stepping out of control.

Seaport Days Amsterdam offers the public several opportunities to sail on the Holland. Among others during the escort of Zr.Ms.De Ruyter, but also on a regular cruise through the port of Amsterdam and on a tour from Amsterdam to IJmuiden. Those who do not want to sail, but would like to see the ship from head to toe, visit the "open ship" Friday afternoon. From Saturday afternoon through Sunday evening, the Holland will be at the Port Festival IJmuiden.

Tickets and embarkation.
Ticket prices for the entry on De Ruyter on the Holland are €25 (adults) and €15 (12-16 years). Please note! Embarkation from 09.30 am. Departure (horn goes) at 10:00 am.

Shipping location
Seagoing Tug Holland
Jetty 16
(opposite the De Ruyterkade 7 port building)