Granite Import Benelux

June 29 and 30
All ages

Granite Import Benelux is one of the main hubs and processors of large volumes of high-quality crushed stone for the road and rail construction, concrete and ceramic industries.

The company is opening its doors to the general public for the first time and is particularly interested in job seekers and school leavers. As an introduction, visitors get to see and hear from A to Z where Bontrup quarries granite, how the transportation by water takes place and what happens at the plant with all those mountains of crushed stone. Imports of this raw material enter Amsterdam in large quantities as sea freight and are distributed within the Netherlands and to Germany, Belgium and England via the Amerikahaven.

Part of the visit (weather permitting) is a look-out over the impressive terminal of Graniet Import Benelux, which makes a visit to this unique company of the Bontrup family so special.

Granite Import Benelux B.V is part of the Amsterdam family business Bontrup. The company strives to innovate with nature in order to create a sustainable society. Also during the visit it becomes clear what measures the organization takes to minimize its impact on the environment. The tour at lasts about one hour.

Amerikahavenweg 2, Amsterdam

Free parking on the premises of Graniet Import Benelux B.V. The company is accessible by public transport. The nearest bus stop is 1 kilometer from the premises.

NOTE: Saturday is suitable for all ages. For Sunday, the minimum age of 16 counts.

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