Westhaven Shuttle Service

June 22-25, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
8 years

The Westhaven Shuttle Service takes you by water from the Chocolatemakers-Rederij Spliethoff-Zeemanshuis business cluster in Suezhaven to Havenexperience 'The Terminal', a unique location at the head of the Westhaven where you can learn all about port businesses and professions. The terminal is a 10-minute walk from Sloterdijk Station

During the approximately 30-minute tour, you will feel the enormous dynamics of the Westhaven, where all kinds of bulk goods are brought in and out. Including cocoa beans, coal, orange juice, paper pulp and aluminum. The shuttle passes, among others, the port companies VCK Logistics, C.Steinweg-Handelsveem and the terminal of HES-OBA Bulk (coal).

Seamen's Centre
Upon arrival at the event location in Zone 4, visitors are welcomed to a photo exhibition about the port in the Seamen's House (Seamen's Centre). At the same time, this is an excellent location for coffee, tea, soft drinks and a sandwich, which can be enjoyed inside or on the terrace. Book tickets for the photo exhibition at the Seamen's House here.

Right next to the Zeemanshuis is Chocolatemakers, in this factory 100% CO2-free chocolate is produced daily. The company gives daily tours during Seaport Days, during which tasting of the different types of chocolate is amply covered. Book tickets for guided tours at Chocolatemakers here.

Rederij Spliethoff
The Westhaven Tour sails back and forth between Rederij Spliethoff's jetty (across from the Zeemanshuis and Chocolatemakers) and the Port of Amsterdam's Nautical Coordination Center. There, visitors will encounter a sea of port-related activities indoors and outdoors.

Only return tickets are available for the Westhaven Shuttle due to the scarcity of public transportation in Westpoort. They cost €5 (adults) and €2 (children under 16).

The Westhaven Tour pick-up location is only 15 minutes away from Sloterdijk Station at Radarweg 32 on foot.

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