Hydrogen Hub Hydrogen Valley of the Year

Hydrogen Hub Noord-Holland was named Hydrogen Valley of 2023 during the European Hydrogen Week in Brussels. Earlier this year, this hub already received European Hydrogen Valley status. Now it is adding this award. Ingrid Post of the Programmabureau NZKG handed over the recognition.


The Hydrogen Valley status is a European recognition for regions with a distinguished commitment to developing an energy system based on sustainable hydrogen. Worldwide, 84 regions carry Hydrogen Valley status, while in Europe 60 regions have this distinction. Now in its sixth year, the Hydrogen Valley of the Year award serves as an additional incentive for project beneficiaries to bring research and innovation to market. "This recognition underscores the efforts of both public and private partners to make Hydrogen Hub North Holland a success story and thus gain a leading position in the hydrogen transition within North-West Europe," said Ingrid Post.

Hydrogen ambitions in North Holland
The province of North Holland is vigorously pursuing the development of hydrogen as an alternative fuel. It plays a crucial role in making industry more sustainable and meeting climate goals. The benefits extend beyond cleaner air; hydrogen also reduces particulate matter and nitrogen emissions, contributing to a healthier living environment. In addition, this deployment stimulates the economy and creates new jobs in the province.

Rosan Kocken, deputy of the Province of North Holland, is proud of the recognition of Hydrogen Hub North Holland as Hydrogen Valley of the Year 2023: "This international award confirms the commitment and cooperation of both public and private partners in our region and underscores North Holland's leading role in the hydrogen transition. It is an incentive to continue working towards a sustainable future with even more determination."

Ports play a crucial role
Hydrogen offers a solution on several fronts where electricity sometimes falls short. The port areas of North Holland act as essential hydrogen hubs for import, storage, transit and export of sustainable hydrogen. As the fourth largest port in Europe, we are now betting on the import, production and use of hydrogen at the Port of Amsterdam, while working with partners on infrastructure to supply hydrogen to industry, the region and the city.

Due to its strategic location, the port of Den Helder can also play a key role in the large-scale import of green hydrogen from the North Sea or neighboring countries. The strategic location of the ports in the North Sea Canal area and Den Helder thus makes these regions crucial in the hydrogen transition for North Holland, the Netherlands and Northwest Europe.