Royal visit talks about hydrogen corridor at EVOS

As part of the state visit of King Filipe VI of Spain to the Netherlands, the head of state visited the EVOS oil terminal in Amsterdam-Westpoort with King Willem-Alexander. The reason for the extended delegation's visit was the maritime hydrogen corridor developed by Port of Amsterdam and Port of Bilbao. Outgoing minister Rob Jetten was also present.

Kings of the Netherlands and Spain visit port of Amsterdam

Once at EVOS, both sovereigns received an update on hydrogen developments at the Port of Amsterdam from EVOS managing director and Amports chairman Ramon Ernst. What is clear is that the Port of Amsterdam and Bilbao initiative should start contributing to the European Union's ambitions to reduce CO2 emissions at both ports. Ernst of EVOS and also Sunoco LP spoke with Willem-Alexander and Filipe VI about their ambitions, goals and the further establishment of the Spanish-Dutch hydrogen corridor.

Photo: Menno Ebbes