New onboard transshipment facility completed in record time

Late October marks the completion of a second new on-board transshipment facility on the south side of Mercuriushaven, confirming the completion of the project for new on-board transshipment facilities in Mercuriushaven.

port seen from above

The southern installation was completed exceptionally quickly, with impressive completion in just six weeks. In mid-September, the old buoys were removed and replaced with 10 mooring posts and five floats. While this may seem simple at first glance, in reality it was an extremely precise undertaking. The huge tubular piles, with a diameter of 2 meters, a length of 38 meters and a weight of 70 tons, had to be placed on open water, including dealing with the wave action of passing ships. The success of this operation was primarily due to thorough preparation, with the contractor assembling the various components in advance as much as possible to enable rapid on-site installation.

Improved nautical safety and increased capacity
Previously, marine vessels were moored between floating buoys, which was problematic in high winds for passing vessels. The new installation, however, is permanently anchored to the bottom, keeping vessels firmly in place during board-board transfer, regardless of weather conditions. This results in increased nautical safety and provides more passage space for ships heading to Vlothaven. In addition, the new facility can now handle ocean-going vessels up to 300 meters in length, instead of the previous maximum length of 260 meters.

EU grant for project implementation
This project could be realized thanks to grant from the European Union, as part of the CEF (Connecting Europe Facility) program. The investment contributes to the improvement of the European transport infrastructure. For more details on the construction of the new facility, please refer to Port of Amsterdam.