Port of Amsterdam investigates internet access at port

Port of Amsterdam is examining the state of digital connectivity at the port in the coming weeks. The Port Authority is mapping current Internet access to determine whether the current network still meets future customer demand. They will be asked to share experiences in the coming weeks. 


Ultimate digital connectivity is part of the optimal business climate that Port of Amsterdam wants to create for companies that are located or want to locate in the port area. The company has extensive knowledge and information about quays and sites, but what about digital connectivity in the port is less well known. And that while the demand for bandwidth for businesses and applications will only grow in the future. In addition to normal Internet access for businesses and offices, think of developments such as autonomous shipping, Internet-of-Things, or terminal automation that are coming our way at a rapid pace.

The study begins with an inventory of the physical network. In addition, a market consultation was held in which market parties were asked for their vision on connectivity in our area, and how they could possibly play a role in this. Finally, in the coming weeks, Port of Amsterdam will ask customers in the port area how they experience their connection at the moment, but also what their wishes are for the future.

Concrete next steps will come after the study is completed and will depend on the results. Port of Amsterdam hopes this research will provide more clarity on the current state of affairs and options for the future. By interviewing both customers and the market, as well as mapping the current network, the Port Authority hopes to gain enough input to determine a strategic position.