SHIP IJmuiden Visitor Centre open until end of September

The collaborating partners in the North Sea Canal area will keep SHIP open until 1 September. In this period, they will investigate the possibility of a visitor centre that will show how the area will develop in the coming years. Until then, SHIP, the current visitor centre with the interactive exhibition about the construction of the IJmuiden sea lock, will remain open.


After the official opening of Zeesluis IJmuiden by King Willem Alexander, the exhibition was due to stop at the end of March. After the opening moment with the king and the release of the last corona measures, the expectation is that there will still be a lot of interest in the exhibition. The cooperating partners have decided to keep the exhibition open longer. In the period up to the end of September, the partners will consider the possibilities of extending the exhibition, which will include all the tasks of the NZKG, in the long term.

What is there to see until the end of September?

SHIP gives visitors a good idea of the construction of the IJmuiden sea lock in all its facets and many port activities on and around the North Sea Canal. A new part of the exhibition is the story of selective extraction. This is a measure to prevent further salinisation of the North Sea Canal. It ensures that part of the salty seawater that comes along with each lock of the new sea lock is drained back into the sea. This prevents the water in the North Sea Canal from becoming too saline, with adverse effects on agriculture, nature and the drinking water supply.

Book a guided tour

SHIP is open to individuals and groups from Wednesday to Friday and on Sundays between 10:00 and 17:00. You can book a guided tour via