Tres Hombres sails cocoa beans to Amsterdam for 100% carbon-free chocolate

After a prosperous journey of almost 6 months, the sailing freighter the Tres Hombres has returned to Chocolatemakers in the port of Amsterdam. In the hold no less than 12 tons of organic Trinitario cocoa beans. Good for about 240,000 special Tres Hombres bars. 


Every year since 2012, the Tres Hombres has brought a hefty cargo of cocoa to Chocolatemakers' chocolate factory. Once again, it took six months to complete the journey. A journey that amounts to 4143 nautical miles (7673 km) from the Dominican Republic to the Netherlands.

CO2 neutral
The idea behind the Tres Hombres and its shipping company Fairtransport fits seamlessly with Chocolatemakers' sustainable philosophy. Founder and owner Rodney: "Sustainability and taste are our starting points in everything we do and make. For example, our chocolate factory has a roof made entirely of solar panels, we already produce almost entirely CO2 neutral as a result. When we heard about the Tres Hombres 10 years ago, we immediately sought cooperation. That ship was named after three friends who dreamed of sustainable cargo transport by sea. They have beautifully restored a 32-meter brigantine from 1943. With self-trained people, they sail from Europe to the Caribbean every year. They unload the cocoa at our own quay, right next to the factory, energy-efficient as can be." In the fall, the ship will set sail again for the Caribbean.

Tres Hombres

The 32-meter brigantine "Tres Hombres" has been in service since December 2009. She operates a sustainable cargo service between Europe, the Atlantic Islands, the Caribbean and the Americas. In addition to a cargo capacity of 40 tons, she has accommodation for 7 crew and 8 apprentices/trainees.

Perfect taste

Chocolatemakers is all about creating the perfect taste. The unique taste is an outcome of all the sustainable choices they make within the chain. All products are organic, plastic free and produced on solar energy in their own factory in the cocoa port of Amsterdam.