Zeehavendagen Amsterdam returns from June 22 to 25

'Seaport Days just belongs to Amsterdam' and 'unique that you can go everywhere you would otherwise cycle by'. With an 8 as visitors' rating in 2022* and more port companies participating in 2023 than last year, green light for the second edition of Zeehavendagen Amsterdam. This year's event will be held from June 22-25 and features more than 55 "attractions" from Amsterdam and Zaandam to IJmuiden and Beverwijk.


Firsts in 2023: the arrival of the Royal Navy's Zr.Ms.De Ruyter, an open-air job market for schoolchildren, students and job seekers in the heart of Amsterdam-Westpoort and tours on and tours with vessels from Customs, Port of Amsterdam and nautical service providers, among others. As in 2022, the event coincides on the weekend with the Port Festival IJmuiden. From there, Zeehavendagen Amsterdam organizes tours to, among others, Zeesluis IJmuiden, Tata Steel and Tennet's Net op Zee Information Center. In the course of spring, the organization will announce more about the content of the program.

More visitors
The first edition of Amsterdam Seaport Days attracted more than 6,000 visitors to the ports of Amsterdam, Zaanstad, IJmuiden and Beverwijk. They took a look behind the scenes at 50 port and port-related companies. This included the offer of (free) boat trips and other activities in the port, workshops and activities that tell the history of the port. Due to the increase in the number of cruises, the arrival of the Zr. Ms. De Ruyter open to the public on June 24 and 25, the growth in the number of tours and the open-air job fair, the organization expects more than 10,000 visitors this year.

Education and labour market
Because Seaport Days Amsterdam is ideally suited to link the education and labor market to the many vacancies in the port, the focus in 2023 will be on attracting job seekers and students from primary, secondary and vocational schools. For this target group and the general public, Amsterdam Seaport Days will create a central (indoor) meeting point with the port business community, entitled The Terminal. This 'open-air job market' will be located next to the quayside program at the head of the Westhaven, where cruises and information will be offered for four days.

By now, most of the participants in Seaport Days 2022 have agreed to participate in the second edition of the event. Among them are Damen Shiprepair and Damen Oranjewerf, container terminal TMA Logistics, C.J. Hendriks, cacaoveem C.Steinweg-Handelsveem, VCK Logistics, Eurotank Amsterdam, Chocolatemakers, Customs, Tata Steel, Rederij Spliethoff, Het Scheepvaartmuseum, HES Bulk Terminal, De Koperen Ploeg, the Nautical Coordination Center of Port of Amsterdam, the Royal Navy, Stichting Promotie Maritieme Tradities, het Zeemanshuis, Amsterdam Logistic Hub, Forkliftcenter, Svitzer, EVOS, the Zaanse cacaovemen Vollers and CTVrede, Tata Steel, Loodswezen, Plastic Recycling Amsterdam, Peinemann and the Afval Energie Bedrijf (AEB). The City of Amsterdam participates through the Westpoort Werkt employment program and is involved through the Employer Service Point at the port.

*) Source: visitor survey Seaport Days Amsterdam 2022.