Sr.Ms. De Ruyter big eye-catcher

The second edition of Amsterdam Seaport Days (June 22-25) will be graced with the arrival of the Zr.Ms. De Ruyter. The air defense and command frigate (LCF) will arrive in IJmuiden on Friday evening and steam up to the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam on Saturday morning to hold open ship for general public until the end of the day on Sunday.


Anyone visiting De Ruyter over the weekend will get a unique look at one of the Royal Navy's four De Zeven Provinciën class air defense and command frigates. These ships can protect an entire fleet against enemy threats from the sea and from the air (aircraft as well as missiles). In addition, the ships are equipped to allow the deployable and operational staff of the Royal Netherlands Navy, the Netherlands Maritime Force (NLMARFOR) to command large-scale (maritime) operations from here. During the tour on the frigate, questions can be asked of the staff and crew present on the vessel.

Sail with us!

Seaport Days Amsterdam is escorting De Ruyter from IJmuiden to Amsterdam and also offers enthusiasts the opportunity to witness this from one of the ships sailing along after the frigate passes the sea lock. There are currently three ships involved in this entry. These are the beautiful classic sea tug the Holland (1951), the shallow-water minesweeper Hr.Ms. Mahu (1961) and the diving ship De Nautilus (1964). These ships all leave Amsterdam around 7:30 a.m. near Amsterdam CS station.


The His Majesty's De Ruyter was commissioned by the Royal Navy in 2004. The frigate is 144 meters long, 17 meters wide and has a draft of 7 meters. The top speed of De Ruyter is 30 knots. Propelled by two Wärtsilä 16 V26 diesel engines (13,600 hp total) and two Rolls Royce Spey SM 1A gas turbines (52,300 hp total). In total, the vessel accommodates 174 crew members.

Book tour or sail along

Anyone who would like to sail on one of the ships that will escort De Ruyter on entry can let us know here. The organization of Zeehavendagen Amsterdam will then follow shortly with more information. Tours on the ship moored at the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam are free of charge.