Zeehavendagen Amsterdam gives young people, pupils, school pupils and students who want to find out about a course of study, choice of study or are looking for an internship or job the opportunity to get acquainted with Working in the Port in an accessible way. An educational program (LOB) for various levels has been developed especially for Seaport Days.


Program 2024

On Thursday, June 27 and Friday, June 28, 2024, schools and organizations can participate in the career orientation (LOB) and education program of Seaport Days Amsterdam. 

Thursday LOB - experience (lower secondary school)
Participate in workshops, go on a boat trip or meet companies in the Port Experience The Terminal. The students walk a route through the experience whereby they are interactively introduced to working in the port and the 7 worlds of technology. 

Friday Hackathon & Matchday (VO upper school/MBO/HBO)
How well do students really know the port? During the Port Hackathon you will work in teams on interesting challenges. At the same time you get to know the companies in the port. Useful for internships or side jobs! 

Guided tours or harbor tour
Of course, in addition to the education program, it is also possible to take a guided tour of a company or book a guided harbor tour.
This may involve possible costs. 

Would you like to participate in the education program? Contact us for more information!


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    You can visit the port all year round!

    Rather visit the port at another time or get started on the theme of 'Working in the port'? In addition to the four-day event, Amsterdam Seaport Days will soon launch a teaching package offering an excursion to the port.