Seaport Days Academy Amsterdam

The aim of the Amsterdam Seaport Days Academy is to offer young people the opportunity to develop further on board the Zeehavendagen Amsterdam , under the guidance of experienced professionals within the organization. We achieve this by working closely with educational institutions, suppliers and partners of the event.

Seaport Days Academy x A Bunch of Choices - Inholland University of Applied Sciences

At the Amsterdam Seaport Days Academy, your talent is key!

Unlike some organizations that look primarily at what you can do for them, the Amsterdam Seaport Days Academy takes a different approach. We ask you what you actually want. What do you find important? What are your passions, what do you want to develop in, and how can we connect with your studies? This is how we connect you with the Seaport Days, but also with organizations and suppliers involved in the event. This way, you get the chance to develop your talent and they find the right top talent.

At the Amsterdam Seaport Days Academy, talent comes to fruition!

  • Seaport Days Academy pairs young talent with the Seaport Days or one of its partners.
  • Professionals mentor and train young talent, while the Seaport Days Academy also guides professionals in how to get the most out of young talent.
  • Both young talent and Seaport Days Academy partners are highlighted both online and offline.
  • Measuring the effectiveness of the Seaport Days Academy for different partners (education, businesses, municipalities).

Want to know more about (graduate) internships or other opportunities? Zeehavendagen Academy Amsterdam is powered by A Bunch of Choices. Send an email to for more information and you may be on board for 2025 - when Zeehavendagen Amsterdam is held from June 11 to 15.