Open Days at Chocolatemakers

Chocolatemakers is the only chocolate factory in the Netherlands where 100% CO2-free chocolate is produced on a large scale. Do you want to see, taste and smell it with your own eyes? Then come along to the Open Days.

Chocolate Makers wants to make a positive impact and bring about lasting change among consumers who love chocolate. You only really understand that when you visit the factory in the port of Amsterdam.

Tasting and grading
Employees show you your production process up close. You can taste various types of chocolate made by Chocolatemakers and make your own judgment. And if you have any questions, they will be answered on the spot.

Sailing ship
Fun fact. Some of the cocoa beans come to Amsterdam by sailing ship from Colombia and the Dominican Republic. It has now become a tradition that the bars for Germany go to our eastern neighbors by cargo bike. It is important to know that chocolate production is entirely solar energy and no plastic is used. Curious about 100% CO2-free chocolate? Book your ticket(s) now and visit Chocolademakers.

Radar Road 32a