Zeehavendagen Amsterdam

Zeehavendagen Amsterdam offers a unique look behind the scenes of the port and port business in the North Sea Canal area. Fixed part in the program are guided tours, port tours, open ships, demonstrations on the water and open days for elementary school (group 7 and 8) bridge classes from secondary education, MBO and HBO.

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Discover Amsterdam Seaports
The ports of IJmuiden, Beverwijk, Zaanstad and Amsterdam together form Amsterdam Seaports, the fourth largest port in Europe. More than 80,000 people work in the ports of the North Sea Canal area and some 800 port-related companies are based there. Amsterdam Seaports is the main economic engine for the North Holland region. But how much do you really know about the port?

Cocoa and biofuel
For example, did you know that Amsterdam is the largest cocoa port in the world? Do you have any idea how much biofuel is produced here? Do you know what is involved in guiding ships passing through the port? Have you ever seen the port so close from the water, sailing on one of the ships in our program? It is possible during Amsterdam Seaport Days.

Program 2024
Seaport Days Amsterdam will be held this year from June 27-30. New to the program is Havenexperience De Terminal in the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam, IJhaven and on the Kop van het Java-eiland. At this indoor and outdoor location we create a complete port experience for everyone who wants to get acquainted with working in the port. This is also where some port excursions start if you do not take your own transportation into the port. On Fridays and weekends you can visit the ships in the IJhaven and participate in demonstrations on the water by Customs, Police on Water, Royal Navy and nautical services, among others. As in 2023, the Navy will moor one of its frigates here for an open ship. Keep an eye on the website for more details about the program.

Working in the port
Seaport Days Amsterdam on June 27 and 28 will be entirely dedicated to the 'Working in the Port' campaign. On these days we welcome group 7 and 8 pupils and bridge class secondary schools (27 June) and MBO/HBO (intermediate vocational education). Read more on the
education page.