Below are the most frequently asked questions and answers concerning tickets and the Zeehavendagen event. If the answer to your question is not listed, please consult one of the options at the bottom of this page.

Zeehavendagen Amsterdam offers a unique look behind the scenes of the port and port business in the North Sea Canal area. Fixed part in the program are: guided tours, port tours, open ships, demonstrations on the water and open days for elementary school (group 7 and 8) bridge classes from secondary education, MBO and HBO.

It is possible to visit the port throughout the year as a consumer. You can see these activities under the button 'Continuous' As a school or group visiting the port is also possible! See the 'Education' page.

Most activities are free to enter. So you book a zero (free) ticket on our website. There are some exceptions such as Het Scheepvaartmuseum or the Amsterdam Harbour Tour. Participants of Zeehavendagen Amsterdam do get a reduced rate. Whether a particular activity is free can be seen when booking an activity. For a business group there may be costs involved. Please contact the organization for this at events@zeehavendagenamsterdam.nl

Please note that in case of a no-show, we charge a €2 cancellation fee.

In our port experience "the Terminal" you will find various activities for young and old. As a family, it is therefore possible to experience the port up close. A company tour or a fast cruise is not suitable for all ages. Check the age restrictions for each activity.

The address of the venue you have booked a ticket for is listed on the booking page and your ticket. Most venues have plenty of parking spaces or are accessible by public transport. Please note that some port venues are not well connected to public transport. Check the route well in advance to avoid surprises. It is possible to buy a shuttle boat ticket through shipping company Spliethoff to travel from Sloterdijk station (boarding point Seamens Centre Amsterdam) to De Terminal.

Tickets can be booked on the Zeehavendagen Amsterdam website here . It is not possible to book tickets at the location itself. There is an exception at Het Scheepvaartmuseum and Amsterdam Boat Cruises. At Het Scheepvaartmuseum and Amsterdam Boat Cruises (provider of the harbor tour) you can buy tickets on location. Please note! These tickets are not free of charge.

We do not take back tickets. Want to rebook your tickets? Contact our service desk and we will be happy to look into it with you!

To be safe, always take your passport, ID or driver's license with you when you go on a field trip to a company. At some companies, you cannot enter the premises without a valid ID. This is due to the strict security requirements that apply in the port area.

It is certainly possible to book an activity for a group with more than 8 people. For example, as a company, business group, school or institution you can book an all-inclusive excursion. See the page 'Education' and ' Business Participation'.

There is no need to print your tickets. You can simply show them at the entrance on your smartphone and have them scanned. Just as easy and it saves a lot of paper! Please make sure that your screen brightness is set to maximum when scanning.

There are several reasons why you cannot select tickets:

  1. The location is closed.
  2. The tickets are sold out. This location works with a maximum number of tickets, so it is possible that the desired time slot is no longer available. The system will always inform you of the current availability. It is not possible to be put on a waiting list.
  3. The tickets are not yet available for order. We advise you to keep an eye on the ticket website.

First check to see if your confirmation ended up in the spam folder, junk mail or another email folder. Tip search for "do-not-reply@palisis.com" or "Zeehavendagen Amsterdam" in your email. If the email with the tickets cannot be found, please contact us through the communication channels at the bottom of this page or email events@zeehavendagenamsterdam.nl.

We ask you to report to your ticket before the start of the chosen time slot. If you are unable to make the time slot, please contact us by emailing events@zeehavendagenamsterdam.nl

Is your question not included? Please contact us: