IJmuiden sea lock

June 24-25, 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
12 years

The tour begins with a presentation at the Sea and Port Museum. There you will hear all about the lock complex in IJmuiden and the construction of the largest lock in the world: Zeesluis IJmuiden.

After the introduction at the museum, where more is also told about the local fishing and nautical activities in the area, you will head towards Zeesluis IJmuiden by private transport. There the tour will continue under the guidance of a guide, who will talk passionately about the construction and function of the largest sea lock in the world.

IJmuiden sea lock is a fascinating project. On Jan. 26, 2022, the structure was officially opened by King Willem-Alexander. The lock is 70 meters wide, 500 meters long and 18 meters deep, a record. The depth of the lock makes it possible for ships to enter the North Sea Canal from the sea tide-independent and thus sail smoothly and safely to the Amsterdam Port region 24/7. Thanks to Zeesluis IJmuiden, the North Sea Canal area, the ports of Amsterdam and the European hinterland connections will remain easily accessible for the next hundred years.

Zeehavendagen Amsterdam has four time slots available on Saturday and Sunday during the Port Festival IJmuiden for groups of up to 15 people. The ticket price is €9, including coffee and tea before the presentation in the museum. Unfortunately, a visit to the museum's galleries is not included in the price.

Address and free parking
Havenkade 55
1973 AK IJmuiden

There are plenty of (free) parking spaces for cars on the streets surrounding the museum. Bicycles can be parked in the bicycle shed on the museum grounds.

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