New step taken for IJmond Energy Port

Port of Amsterdam, Seaport IJmuiden, Municipality of Velsen, Province of North Holland, State and Tata Steel are going to cooperate for the IJmond Energy Port. This port, intended for building offshore wind farms, is now entering a new phase with a covenant for the design phase.

artist impression of the energy port

Why is this important?
Offshore wind farms are crucial to the transition to renewable energy in the Netherlands. To meet our climate goals, we need 21 gigawatts of offshore wind farms by 2030. And we want this to grow to 70 gigawatts by 2050. That is why special ports are needed to build these wind farms, because the wind turbines and ships are getting bigger and bigger.

What will happen?
The signing of the covenant officially begins the design phase of the IJmond Energy Port. In 2024, detailed plans will be made for the port site, the deep-sea quay and how everything can be built. At the same time, the State will continue to clean up the old dredging depot at that site.

What can we expect?
The IJmond Energy Port has a good location outside the IJmuiden locks and close to future wind farms. This is expected to allow the port to accommodate between 15 and 20 gigawatts of offshore wind farms by 2050. Once the design phase is completed and there is enough money, the tender process for the port can begin. This would be a major step in the transition to renewable energy in the Netherlands.