Forkliftcenter will supply forklifts to Grimaldi

Forkliftcenter has entered into a new agreement with shipping giant Grimaldi Group to supply a total of 59 forklifts and port equipment. Grimaldi recently moved into the port of Amsterdam, where Forkliftcenter's main location is also located.

forkliftcenter's forklift trucks line up for grimaldi lines big ship

The partnership means that Forkliftcenter will supply the Italian shipping company with as many as 59 machines, ranging from skid-steer loaders converted to car pushers and heavy-duty forklifts with special additions. Deliveries of the new equipment have already begun.

Equipment adapted to Grimaldi's needs
The equipment is tailored to the specific needs of the Grimaldi Group and their varied work areas. For example, the 42-ton forklifts have integrated rotators for loading and unloading bulk containers. The skid-steer loaders have been completely converted to serve as car pushers.

The maneuverability of the machines makes them perfect for use in the tight spaces on marine vessels that are typically challenging, says Forkliftcenter. "The equipment was chosen not only because of its excellent performance, but also because of the commitments made by Forkliftcenter and Grimaldi. The agreement extends beyond sourcing and supplying equipment."

Service and maintenance
Forkliftcenter will also perform maintenance and service of Grimaldi's port equipment through its global service network. This comprehensive service will be provided through the company's extensive global service network with locations in Europe, North and South America, West Africa, the Middle East and Australia.

This is not the first time Forkliftcenter has collaborated with Grimaldi. "We first worked with Grimaldi more than a decade ago," said Bjørn André de la Porte, CEO and owner of the Forkliftcenter group. "This new agreement, including maintenance and service, builds on that foundation and continues a strong partnership."

Mario Fuduli, head of purchasing at Grimaldi Group, said, "We are pleased to continue and expand our cooperation with Forkliftcenter, for the mutual benefit of both groups. Through this new agreement, we can further strengthen our freight handling operations with state-of-the-art equipment."