Over 260,000 m² of solar panels at Amsterdam port

Port of Amsterdam's brand new solar panel roof opened last week at Kopraweg 3 in Amsterdam. On the roof are 4,911 panels that together provide a capacity of no less than 2 megawatt peak. This brings the total number of solar panels in the port to some 260,000 square meters.


The ambition was to have some 38 soccer fields of solar panels in the port area by the end of 2024. This has now, in early 2023, already been more than achieved. A milestone in the opinion of the Port of Amsterdam. Compliments to the port companies that have installed the solar panels on their roofs. They are thus contributing to the energy transition. After achieving the target, it has now been tightened and increased to 350,000 m² by the end of 2024. If this ambition is achieved, the port will contribute over 20% to the municipal goal of 300 megawatt peak by 2025.

(Even) More solar panels in the port area
There are already many solar panels in the port and in the city. Yet a large part of the available roof surface is still unused and the Port Authority would like to see that changed. Not every roof is easy to use for solar energy, but both Port of Amsterdam and the City of Amsterdam can offer a number of solutions in this regard.